We are a local family-owned and operated business servicing the Niagara Region and surrounding communities

About Us

Forced to stop working during the pandemic, lockdowns, and the reduced services of 2019, the Niagara Cabinet Refinishing team came together to deliver exceptional work. We pride ourselves on creating local jobs in our community, renovating the homes of fellow Canadians and giving their homes a fresh new look, or adding value. With decades of combined woodworking and finishing experience, we’re dedicated to growing a dependable business with an outstanding reputation of quality product and service, through and through..

Our Process

Kitchen Preparation

  • Doors, drawers, and hardware are removed.
  • Kitchen will be taped and segregated from the house.
  • Surfaces are cleaned and prepared before painting.

In the Shop

  • Doors and drawers are cleaned and degreased.
  • Then are repainted using our state-of-the-art primer.
  • Once dry, they are top coated with our premium lacquer.
  • Custom millwok will be built.

Painting and Installation

  • Kitchen surfaces will be painted or resurfaced.
  • Custom millwork, lighting and hardware will be installed.

Clean Up

  • Tape and protective equipment will be removed.
  • Surfaces cleaned and wiped down.
  • We ensure you can use the kitchen after you walk in!

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why refinish rather than replace?

Let our professional bring you your dream kitchen at a fraction of the cost of replacing. Whether you’re just looking to refresh your kitchen with fresh paint or looking to add the finishing touches like crown molding, custom hood vents and more character. Our refinishing team, and millwork shop are here to show your affordable solutions to take your kitchen to the next level of aesthetics.

How much does refinishing cost?

Typically a small kitchen with 20 or so doors and drawers will range $2500 - $3000. With that being said, many factors can affect the price of a project such as filling and drilling new handles or having multiple colours. It’s best to reach out with as much detail and photos as possible to receive an accurate and competitive quote free of charge! We will match any competitors price!

How long will the refinishing take?

Many worry how long their kitchen will be out of commission for. Typically were are able to finish the in-house portion of the spraying in a one day and have the doors installed the very next day!

What does the 1 Year Damage Protection Warranty entail?

Worried about the durability of your finish. Our proven refinishing system ensures maximum durability when compared to other in-home finishing systems. Even so, we understand that the rigors of daily life can bring damage to any kitchen and refinish. We want you to rest easy knowing that your investment will be safe. If you damage any part of your refinish within the first year. We offer 1 damaged repair and respray free of charge!

What does the 3 Year Paint Protection Warranty entail?

Niagara refinishing uses the best finishing products on the market. From industry standard conversion varnish to solvent based lacquers. Our professionals know the right finish for your job! Your refinish will look just as good if not better than the factory finish your kitchen came with,We stand behind our products. That’s we offer a complimentary 3 year paint protection warranty. If our paint cracks, yellows or bubbles. We Will fix the problem free of charge. So you can rest easy knowing that your kitchen will look new for years to come. Paint protection warranty does not include damage from normal use.

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