Bring your dream kitchen to life.

Niagara Refinishing offers decades of custom design experience to bring your kitchen dreams to life.

What design services do we offer?

With Niagara Refinishing the sky is the limit to what we can do, and we want to take your ideas and transform your kitchen. If you want a change but are unsure, not a problem. Using our decades of experience and design experts we will suggest changes that will bring life and character back to the kitchen.

Have examples of what you would like? Show us!

What is Refinishing?

Refinishing is when we breathe life into your old materials but not remove the aesthetic of your kitchen. By cleaning, repairing and restaining your drawers, doors, and cabinets, we can give them a brand new look while retaining their wooden character and feel. Typically only certain materials can be restained depending on the make of your kitchen materials. When we inspect your kitchen to provide a quote, we will let you know if restaining is right for you.

Color Matching and Design

We can match your drawers, doors, and cabinets to any counter-tops that you would like; old or new. Additionally we will find and install new hardware fitting for your new kitchen.

Custom Millwork

Building custom additions to the kitchen is no sweat for us. Adding additions to the kitchen can accent the design, or bring focus to a particular area of the kitchen.

Doors and Drawers can be refaced bringing a brand new look to your kitchen while keeping the same cabinetry. Let us know your vision and we’ll work with you every step of the way!

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