Why replace when you can refinish?

Replacing an entire kitchen can cost tens of thousands of dollars, add stress, and put your kitchen out of commission for weeks.

What is Refinishing?

Refinishing is when we give your old cabinets, doors, drawers a brand new lease on life! Instead of the costly method of replacing everything, we remove, clean, sand, prime, and top coat everything to provide you with the look you’ve been dreaming of. Holes can be filled for new hardware. Chips, scratches, peeling, and other damages can be repaired before our team of experts spray the doors and drawers in our state-of-the-art, dust free spray booth.

Let us refresh your kitchen while retaining it’s character and feel!

Some examples of ways Niagara Refinishing can use refacing for you.

  • Light up the room with different colours to maximize the natural light coming in from new windows or other light sources.
  • Revamp the kitchen look to coordinate with modern appliances and hardware..
  • Make the room appear larger with new colours and designs.
  • and much much more!

Let us transform your kitchen

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